Pet Enzymes & Probiotics

Pets are eating foods that no longer contain the natural enzymes needed for a healthy gut, just like the issues we are seeing with humans. Digestive enzymes are needed to help with digestion of good and absorption of nutrients the food contains. If their bodies don’t create the needed enzymes, they are reliant on getting these enzymes through their food/ oral intake – which might be suboptimal.

Some signs that your pet might be dealing with digestive issues could include abdominal discomfort, gas, bad breath, food sensitivities, vomiting, low energy levels and immune system issues. 

When looking at digestive enzymes, there are four main enzymes to be aware of:

    • Amylase – this helps to break down and digest carbs and starches
    • Lipase – this helps to digest fat
    • Protease – this helps digest protein
    • Cellulase – this helps digest fiber

Enzymes can help your pet’s digestion system to function optimally, absorb the nutrients it needs in addition to maintaining proper body weight/ composition, immune function and overall health of your pet.

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