Colon Supplements

Each portion of digestion is important to the overall function and goal of the digestive tract. Healthy digestion promotes normal breakdown of foods and nutrients, appropriate amounts of stomach acid, and maintaining a healthy balance of flora (the "good gut bacteria."). All portions of the digestive system are important, however, sometimes one needs to focus specifically on the colon portion.

The last section of the GI (Gastroentestinal tract) is the colon. This is where any remaining water and salts are removed by bacteria during fermentation. Then, the resulting material is stored as fecal matter before passing.

Colon support supplements contains vitamins, minerals, herbs and other compounds that may support digestion. Some of these supplements include vitamins that support a healthy immune response to internal challenges, such as leaky gut or microbial challenges. Minerals support the development and function of cells that are responsible for synthesizing nutrients, proteins and carbohydrates, and probiotic and prebiotic formulas contains living bacteria that support “good” colonies of gut flora throughout the entirety of the GI tract.

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