Supplements for Mental Health

Stress. Depression. Anxiety. These are all common words and feelings in today's society. One's emotional health is important to not only be able to address each day's demands, but also to help maintain our immune system and overall health. Supplements for mental health provide support, but should accompany therapy and healthy lifestyle practices.

Stress is a feeling that begins in the body or mind. Psychologists view stress as potentially “good” or “bad.” “Good” stress may promote motivation, reaction times in the sympathetic nervous system, or other desired effects depending on the situation. “Bad” stress can disrupt normal daily tasks, mood and behavior. On the other hand, frustration is an emotional response that can result from feelings of being denied something, or the inability to finish tasks or other situations.

Both stress and frustration are believed to share a role in internal and external challenges and disruptions in life. Stress support supplements are believed to support a healthy response to these challenges of the body and mind. 

A Healthy Stress and Frustration Response May Support:

  • Healthy weight management
  • A healthy immune system
  • Hormone levels in the normal range
  • Normal mood and behavior
  • Feelings of wellbeing
  • Normal relaxation and restfulness
  • Normal sleep patterns
  • A normal response to challenges
  • Normal Cortisol levels, a hormone in the human body, helps regulate several functions in a healthy body, including memory, digestion, the immune response
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