Douglas Labs Supplements

Over the past 60 years, Douglas Laboratories has grown into a globally recognized leader in the development and manufacturing of innovative, science-based nutritional supplements, designed to help healthcare practitioners and their patients in their drive to achieve healthy aging and maintain active lifestyles. Douglas Laboratories makes tested and pure supplements like Ultra Preventative X, a daily supplement multivitamin mineral supplement in a vegetable and fruit base.

As a pioneer in healthy aging, Douglas Laboratories manufactures nutritional supplements for long-term health and active lifestyles. We believe healthy aging is much more than living a long life. It’s about unlocking the potential of living healthier longer. Douglas lab supplements like magnesium glycinate, dhea and prenatal are some of the most popular in the Douglas labs supplement family. 

Douglas Laboratories has been dedicated to ensuring that the products we deliver are the highest quality available. We are a GMP-compliant manufacturing facility that is third-party, NSF International registered and inspected for good manufacturing practices. An approved producer of NSF certified-for-sport products with an ISO-accredited internal quality laboratory, we guarantee that our supplements are free of banned substances.

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