Childrens Multivitamins

From picky eaters to rapid growth, the nutritional needs of children are important to meet to allow healthy growth and development during their formative years. Offering multivitamins to vitamin-specific products, you'll find we offer many options that is suitable for your child's specific needs.

In addition to daily nutritional requirements, there will likely be times when added support is necessary, such as during cold & flu season or while taking antibiotics. When seasonal health challenges hit your child's school, or if your child is taking bactericidal medicine, you may want to find products that help support the immune system or a healthy balance of intestinal flora. 

Our Children's Supplements Offer Support for:

  • Digestive function
  • Focus and clarity
  • Healthy sleep
  • Immune function
  • Respiratory health
  • Healthy stress management
  • and more