Brain Health Supplements

Brain Health supplements are an emerging and growing concept that encompasses neural development, plasticity, functioning, and recovery throughout a lifetime. 

Good brain health is a state in which every individual can realize their own abilities and optimize their cognitive, emotional, psychological and behavioral functioning to cope with life situations. Numerous interconnected social and biological determinants including genetics play a role in brain development and brain health from pre-conception through the end of life.

Nutrition also plays a huge role in helping our brains develop, grow and thrive. For example Glutathione has been shown to help reduce oxidative damage to brain cells associated with aging. N-acetyl Cysteine (NAC) also has been shown to regulate brain glutamate levels. Glutamate is a neurotransmitter that is involved in a range of behavior, memory, and learning actions. NAC’s ability to replenish glutathione and regulate glutamate may have direct benefits to those with memory or brain ailments. It's a great example of how nutrition in the form of taking glutathione or taking NAC which helps produce more glutathione can play a huge role in supporting your brain health with real life results. 

Brain health conditions emerge throughout the life course and are characterized by disruptions in normal brain growth and/or brain functioning. They may manifest as neurodevelopmental and neurological conditions such as intellectual developmental disorders, autism spectrum disorders, epilepsy, cerebral palsy, dementia, cerebrovascular disease, headache, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, neuroinfections, brain tumors, traumatic injury and neurological disorders resulting from malnutrition.

Health and social care for these conditions require multisectoral and interdisciplinary collaborations with a holistic person-centered approach focused on promotion, prevention, treatment, care and rehabilitation over the lifespan and the active engagement of persons experiencing the conditions and their families and careers, as appropriate.

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