Memory Support

Memory support products work with the biological makeup of the brain to support a healthy mind and body. The brain is a complex organ in the central nervous system and regulates many involuntary and voluntary functions in the body, including breathing, heart rate, hormone regulation, the immune system, cell signaling and more.

The relationship between the mind and body is known as the “mind-body problem.” This refers to how the mind interacts with the body, and how internal challenges affect the brain. In the mind-body problem there is the mental realm (thoughts, beliefs, pains, sensations, emotions) and the physical realm (sub-atomic particles, atoms, matter and neurons). 

Supplements for memory seeks to support healthy processing of information to promote learning, focus, and feelings of mental and physical wakefulness. Some memory supplements contain amino acids, herbal or fruit extracts, whole herbs, chemical compounds from natural sources, vitamins or minerals that may support absentmindedness, help relieve occasional stress and frustration, support healthy cognition, learning, focus and clarity.

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