Mood Health

Depression, a disorder that has an impact on normal brain function, affects nearly 3 million people in the U.S. per year. It is seen in teens and also in adults. 

There is a difference between clinical depression and regular depression. Most people have felt "down" at some points in life. This could occur during times of stress or with the loss of a loved one. Typically, this type of depression has "minimal" effect on one's everyday life, the feelings will fade, and you will proceed with normal life. Clinical depression, however, when one has a significant depressed mood that does affect everyday life and tends to last longer. This type of depression affects your relationships and may cause noticeable differences at work, school, or in other social situations. It may manifest itself as either manic episodes or may be a more persistent condition.

There are options to help with depressed moods. Simply Nutrients offers a variety of options that can help. 

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