Cardiovascular Supplements

Cardiovascular supplements seek to support the complex structure and function of the heart. This muscular organ pumps blood that carries oxygen, nutrients and supports the removal of metabolic waste.

The heart is located inside the chest and comprises of four chambers: Left and right atria, and left and right ventricles. The heart is also wrapped in protective tissue and a small amount of fluid. The heart contracts when pacemaking cells located in the sinoatrial node send an electrical signal through the heart tissue. When the heart pumps, blood low in oxygen passes through valves to enter the right atrium and passes into the right ventricle, then flows through the lungs where it gives off carbon dioxide and is oxygenated. 

Once oxygenation has occurred, blood moves through the left side of the heart and back into the body. This entire process occurs around 60 times a minute, and during the average human life, the heart will beat more than 2 billion times.

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