Zinc is one of the trace minerals our bodies need to function optimally. It is called a “trace” mineral because only small amounts of the mineral are needed for human health.  It however is not stored in the body; therefore, regular consumption of zinc is important and necessary for vital functions.  Common sources of zinc include red meat, poultry, and fish.

Zinc is needed for the proper growth and maintenance of the human body. It is needed for many biological functions and systems including for immune function, wound healing, blood clotting, thyroid function, and more.

Symptoms of low zinc can include short stature, inability to taste food, low insulin levels, loss of appetite, irritability, hair loss, dry/ rough skin, and difficulties with sexual organ function.  Zinc also helps with maintaining vision.

Zinc has been known to help with treatment of zinc deficiency, stunted growth, acute diarrhea, slow wound healing, and Wilson’s disease.

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