Online Store for Practitioners

Introducing Simply Nutrients Online Store For Practitioners!


  • Are online nutritional suppliers selling your patients their vitamins and nutrients

  • Shouldn't you, as their provider be selling these to them?

  • Why have your patients obtain nutritional recommendations from you and buy their products from someone else?

Most chiropractors wish to offer their patients nutritional supplements, but some struggle with carrying inventory, finding retail shelf room, managing expiration dates, deciding on which products to carry, etc. Many doctors break even or even lose money on the supplements they sell after considering the expenses of staff, taxes, throwing away expired product, etc.  Now there is a service that eliminates those headaches by providing an online store that plugs directly into a doctors existing website. All the doctor has to do is receive his or her check quarterly – no more stress.



Simply Nutrients provides the online store for selling nutrition in your practice, providing the following benefits:

  • No inventory needed, which means no throwing out expired product.
  • Access to thousands of supplements online.

  • Categorized or organized by system: nervous system, cardiovascular, etc. It makes it easy to find the correct supplements.

  • Not needing to pay staff to manage inventory, order products or affix a price label to supplements.

  • The doctor makes a profit no matter how little or how much they sell, because you are always getting the same percentage of the sales.

  • Patients may still order from the store even if they don't come to see you anymore.  Some orders continue from patients who have quit care, moved, etc. Over time, the Practitioner makes more and more profit from people who no longer come into the practice, for whatever reason.


How Does It Work?

  • We give you a link for your "online store". This link will take your patients to Simply Nutrients.

  • You promote and recommend your online store to patients.

  • We track all visitors that come to your store.

  • Sales from visitors to your site are credited to you at 15% of gross sales, which gets paid out on a quarterly basis.

  • Sales credit percentages are based on how much in sales your store is generating.

  • You can sign into a secure location to view how much you've made at any time. 


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